1931 Blower Bentley

With its combination of raw power, performance and brutal good looks the charismatic Blower Bentley stands boldly as an iconic machine. Controversial in its concept and outrageous in its presence it is viewed with as much awe today as it was 88 years ago. Its immense torque, sonorous exhaust note and effortless acceleration ensure that the mastery of a Blower Bentley provides a visceral experience which exceeds the exploitation of a modern supercar to its limits. Engaging to the driver and the onlooker in equal measure it is a monumental achievement that a machine built by a company that closed its doors 87 years ago manages to engender such admiration and affection in equal measure.
The Amherst Villiers supercharger was not simply a bolt on item. The engine was specifically built for the purpose by the Bentley works with a heavier crankshaft and casing to match. Around one hundred such engines were produced specifically for Blower production and should the customer not require the supercharger the drive spigot was removed from the crankshaft.
This particular Blower Bentley retains its original heavy crankshaft engine and unusually is a matching numbered example, to Birkin team car specification. Beautifully proportioned and upholding that charismatic, purposeful stance it presents beautifully, and in driving provides the enthralling Blower Bentley experience.
Beautifully detailed and in outstanding order this is a very appealing Blower Bentley.