1924 3/4½ Litre.

Purchased new with a coupe body by Harrison in 1924 by the Hon. Mrs. A.C. Philipson, the body was changed very quickly at her request to a limousine. Such were the vagaries of the time which kept coachbuilders in business. However limousines were of a bespoke nature with a very narrow market and it is no surprise that this was subsequently changed again with low mileage and good mechanical condition being regarded as more important to buyers than coachwork which was easily changed.
The ownership history is recorded to the present day with this vintage Bentley giving its previous owner much enjoyment for twenty five years.
Much attention has been given to this vintage Bentley by an established and devoted marque specialist with the finest attention given to preparation and correct detail. Whilst a vintage Bentley is the most robust of pre-war cars it should not be assumed that they are indestructible. Correct reconditioning, refurbishment, restoration or maintenance by the correct people will result in the full vintage Bentley experience, an experience which defines the difference between motoring and driving. This is a vintage Bentley which provides that experience. In excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition with engine, gearbox, differential, brakes, suspension, steering examined and rebuilt where necessary with no regard to expense.
An ideal vintage Bentley for rallying or long distance tours with all the hard work done.