1931 Bentley Speed Six Le Mans Rep.

A tremendous touring vintage Bentley with an original Speed Six engine.
By 1931 with W.O. Bentley no longer in charge of his own destiny, it was the accountants who were making decisions regarding the Bentley motor car. In 1931 they thought it a prudent measure to buy in a smaller engine from an outside manufacturer. Contrary to myth the 4 Litre engine, sourced from the great engineer Sir Harry Ricardo, was a powerful unit but the accountants had not calculated power to weight ratio and this engine, as good as it was,was no match for the hugely-well engineered 8 Litre chassis, the finest in is class.
Enter a figure who was to become known as the high priest of vintage Bentleys Lewis Mac Mckenzie. Mac was on to this disparity between engine and chassis and within a year of production of the 4 Litre he was removing these engines and replacing them with the 6½ Litre and the 8 Litre engine which were perfect for the purpose and this recipe of reuniting Bentley engine with chassis was established at his premises in London SW1 behind Victoria Station.
As noted on the works service record on file chassis number VA 4097, fitted with a saloon body by HJ Mulliner, weighed in at 2 tons and 2 cwt and was of the more sporting 11ft.2 wheelbase. Surviving, surprisingly, with this combination through continuous and recorded ownership the deteriorated body was removed upon the purchase of a correct and original Speed Six engine, with this work entrusted to marque specialist Elmdown Engineering. With more recent work carried out by NDR this vintage Bentley is now the perfect combination. The superb original chassis of sporting dimensions with the favoured Le Mans style coachwork matched to an original Speed Six engine and a 3:1 rear axle makes this vintage Bentley an appealing entrant for events anywhere in the world with its combination of unstressed smoothness, power and charismatic good looks. Real Bentley stuff.