1929 4½ Litre Bentley

A very appealing vintage Bentley restored over 35 years ago by a highly acknowledged vintage Bentley engineer for his own long term enjoyment. Now the important part. Restored with attention to detail in the style of Old Mother Gun, the 1928 Le Mans winner and therefore sporting the 3 Litre radiator, this vintage Bentley is in fact a 4 ½ Litre with her original heavy pattern chassis with continuous history from new. This history includes a period of long term ownership from 1937 until 1960 in the hands of Dr. Sugden who, along with his family travelled the world in her and unusually was able to use this vintage Bentley through wartime when most cars were laid up due to petrol rationing. Ideal for touring,with a strong and willing 4½ Litre engine. The finest value 4½ Litre Bentley with such history available.